What do I put for Grades in the Quiz / Exam feature?

With the Quiz/Exam feature, you can setup your app so that it will give your app users a Letter Grade based on the percentage (or points) they scored in the test. Below is an example to use.

1) While in your Control Panel, click “Features” from the left-hand-side of the screen.

2) Click “Quiz” (or whatever your Exam feature is titled).

3)Click “Manage Module”.

4)Scroll down a bit and click the “Add A Grade” button.

a) List the Grade that you’re adding.

b)Enter the Score Range that the app user must receive in the Quiz in order to get the grade. In the example above, if the app user scores 98 – 100, they will get an A+.

c) If you want to add a description, enter your text in the text area.

d) Click Save.

e) Below are examples to use for other grades:

A+ = 98-100

A = 94-97

A- = 90-93

B+ = 87-89

B = 84-86

B- = 80-83

C+ = 77-79

C = 74-76

C- = 70-73

D+ = 67-69

D = 65-66

F = 0-64