Smart Ads

Our Smart Ads feature will allow you to display targeted, full screen Ads to your App users based on time of the day, day of the week, operating system, and App version. You can use this feature to notify your users of new features, promotions, or even to force them to update the App to the latest version.


The Smart Ads feature requires little configuration. The first step is to deactivate the feature from the App Menu so that the icon doesn’t display on the App.

Important Notice: Turn OFF all ads before sending the App for approval to the Apple and Google Play stores. This may cause the App to be rejected.


Currently, two types of Ads are supported: image and text. You’ll begin by naming your Ad, this is just for your own reference and will not be shown to the users.

If you choose to create a text Aad, you’ll need to fill in the text on the text box and select the background color of the Ad.

Next, if you want to make this Ad clickable, you’ll need to add a URL and the label for the button – it can be “UPGRADE NOW!” or “click here”. It’s up to you to decide on the label.

If you don’t insert a label, the Ad will still be clickable but no label will be displayed. You’ll be able to define the colors for the button using the color settings below.

If you decide to create an image Ad instead (instead of text Ad), do NOT fill out the Ad text box or select a background color. Simply upload the image (1080×1920 in size), and if you want to make it clickable, add the URL.

You can either add the button on the image or fill out the settings for the button.

If you want to use an Ad to force the users to upgrade your App on the Google and Apple store, you’ll need to select the Hide Close Button option. This will disable the close button and the users will have to click on the upgrade button.


The next configuration step of the Ad is to define the targeting criteria. If you don’t complete this step, the Ad will not be displayed to anyone. This is a mandatory step in the configuration of the Ad.

Here you’ll be able to select the start and end date of the Ad, the time of the day, and the day of the week when it should be displayed.

You’ll also need to select the device you’d like the Ad to be displayed on.

If you’re displaying an upgrade message, you’ll need to create two separate Ads, one for Android and another for iOS, with the different links to the Google and Apple store.

Lastly, you can select the version of the App that you’re looking to target. For example, if you select version 1.2, you’ll be targeting all of your app users that use versions of your app before 1.2.

When selecting the criteria, to select more than one option, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard as you click the selections (ex: days of the week or time during the day).


Below you can find the user front-end interface screens.