Add in-app link to the Social Network feature.

How do I add an internal (in-app) link to the Social Network feature?

Use the steps below to create an in-app link to your Social Network feature:

1)The first step is to get the “Value ID” of your Social Network feature. To obtain it, hover your mouse over the Page Title icon. Look in the lower-left-hand-side of the your computer screen. You will see the link to your Social Network feature that contains the Value ID. Below is an example. In the sample below, the Value ID is 12941.

2) While on your Custom Page, click the Text button to create a text block.

3) Click the Source button that’s in the Text block you just created.

4)Paste the following code:


5) Change the Value ID 12941 to the Value ID of your Social Network feature (that you noted earlier).

6) Click Save.