In-App-Links explained and a list of data-states for all features

In-app-hyperlinks enable you to easily add hyperlinks from one app page to another. In-app-hyperlinks are composed of 3 components: Data-States, Value IDs, and Offline Modes. The information below breaks down each of the components.

Utilizing In-App Links

The first step of creating an in-app-hyperlink is to get the Value ID of the app page. The Value ID is the unique App Page ID. To obtain it, hover your mouse over the Page Title icon.

Next, look in the lower-left-hand-side of the your computer screen. You will see the link to the example Customer feature that contains the Value ID 13954.

The next step is to get the Data-State of the page. Think of the Data-State as the type of app page that you’re linking to. In other words, is the page type a Form page, Custom page, Video page, etc.

In our example, the page type is a Folder page. The Data-State for a Folder page type is form2-home.

The last component is knowing the Offline Mode. In addition to listing all of the Data-States, below you will also find the corresponding Offline Mode for each page type. The Offline mode for our example is data-offline=”true”.

Now that we know the Value ID, the Data-State and the Offline Mode for the app page, we can create a custom in-app link to the page. In this case, the link would be:

<a data-offline="true" data-params="value_id:13954" data-state="form2-home">Sample Hyperlink</a>

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some features in the App Manager will create the in-app link for you (click here for more information). Other features will ask you to enter the Data-State and/or the Value ID.

Data-State and Offline Mode List

Appointment = appointment-view (data-offline=”false”)

Appointment Pro = appointmentpro-home (data-offline=”false”)

Attendance = attendance-home (data-offline=”false”)

Audio = music-playlist-list (data-offline=”false”)

Awesome Forms = awesomeforms-view (data-offline=”false”)

Booking = booking-view (data-offline=”false”)

Booking Pro = commercepro-category-list (data-offline=”false”)

Booking Pro Cart = commercepro-cart-view (data-offline=”false”)

Booking Pro Purchase History = commercepro-sales-history (data-offline=”false”)

CabRide = cabride-home (data-offline=”true”)

CabRidePassenger Signup / Login = cabride-signup-passenger (data-offline=”true”)

CabRide Passenger My Rides = cabride-my-rides (data-offline=”true”)

CabRide Passenger Payment History = cabride-payment-history (data-offline=”true”)

CabRide Driver Signup / Login = cabride-signup-driver (data-offline=”true”)

CabRide Driver My Payments = cabride-my-payments (data-offline=”true”)

CabRide Driver Pending Requests = cabride-pending-requests (data-offline=”true”)

CabRide Driver Accepted Requests = cabride-accepted-requests (data-offline=”true”)

CabRide Driver Completed Rides = cabride-completed-rides (data-offline=”true”)

CabRide Driver Cancelled Rides = cabride-cancelled (data-offline=”true”)

CabRide Driver Vechicle Information = cabride-vehicle-information (data-offline=”true”)

Calendar = event-list (data-offline=”false”)

Catalog = catalog-category-list (data-offline=”true”)

Catalog Product = catalog-product-view (data-offline=”true”)

Classifieds v2 = classifieds2-home-map (data-offline=”true”)

Code Scan = codescan (data-offline=”true”)

Commerce Pro = commercepro-category-list (data-offline=”false”)

CommercePro Cart = commercepro-cart-view (data-offline=”false”)

CommercePro Purchase History = commercepro-sales-history (data-offline=”false”)

Community = community-home (data-offline=”false”)

Custom Page = cms-view (data-offline=”true”)

Custom Slider = customslider-view (data-offline=”false”)

Digital Card = digitalcard-home (data-offline=”false”)

Discount = discount-list (data-offline=”false”)

Embed PDF = embedpdf-list (data-offline=”true”)

Event Pro = eventpro-home (data-offline=”false”)

E-wallet = ewallet (data-offline=”false”)

Exam = migaexam-view (data-offline=”false”)

File Storage = migaarchive-home-view (data-offline=”false”)

Form v2 = form2-home (data-offline=”true”)

Gallery = image-list (data-offline=”true”)

Job = job-list (data-offline=”true”)

Image Gallery = imagegallery_list (data-offline=”false”)

Inbox = inbox-list (data-offline=”false”)

Journals = journals-home (data-offline=”false”)

Loyalty Card = loyaltycard-view (data-offline=”false”)

Maps = 1maps-view (data-offline=”false”)

Market Place = marketplace-home (data-offline=”false”)

Messaging = messaging-home (data-offline=”false”)

My Account = my-account (data-offline=”true”)

Places = places-list (data-offline=”true”)

Places Map View = places-list-map (data-offline=”false”)

Places All Categories View = places-categories (data-offline=”true”)

Places Category = places-list (data-offline=”true”)

Places All Places View = places-list (data-offline=”true”)

Places Place = places-view (data-offline=”true”)

Phonebook = phonebook-home (data-offline=”false”)

Previous Next = prevnext-view (data-offline=”false”)

Progressive Loyalty Card = progressiveloyaltycards_view (data-offline=”false”)

Push Notifications = push-list (data-offline=”true”)

Radio = radio (data-offline=”false”)

Realtime Chat = chatrooms-list (data-offline=”false”)

Reward Points = commercepro-category-list (data-offline=”false”)

Reward Points Cart = commercepro-cart-view (data-offline=”false”)

Reward Points Purchase History = commercepro-sales-history (data-offline=”false”)

RSS Feed = rss-list (data-offline=”true”)

Social Networks = socialnetworks-home (data-offline=”false”)

Social Wall = fanwall-home (data-offline=”false”)

Source Code = sourcecode-view (data-offline=”false”)

Subscription = subscription-home (data-offline=”false”)

Tasks = sourcecode-view (data-offline=”false”)

Terms and Privacy Policy = privacy-policy (data-offline=”true”)

Tickets = tickets-home (data-offline=”false”)

User Links = userlinks-view(data-offline=”false”)

Videos = video-list(data-offline=”false”)

Weather = weather-view(data-offline=”false”)

WordPress (v2) = wordpress2-list (data-offline=”false”)

xDelivery = xdelivery-home(data-offline=”false”)