XDelivery / Shopping Cart

xDelivery is an advanced eCommerce (Shopping Cart) feature with a focus on the food/restaurant market. However, xDelivery can also be used for other ecommerce businesses. Similar to our CommercePro feature, you will be able to sell your products and services in your app.  Users will be able to pay for your products via PayPal, credit card, or pay with cash upon delivery. xDelivery has a very easy to use commerce management system that enables you to easily add products to your store in your app. It contains advanced layout features, comprehensive reports, and much, much more!

See the instructions below for setting up xDelivery:


1)Log into your App Manager and select your app.

2)Click Features from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen).

3) Click Shopping (or whatever is the name of your xDelivery/E-commerce page).


1) Add your main store settings.

Home Screen – The main display for your shop’s Home Screen. Do you want Categories or Products to be displayed?

Product Design – How do you want your Products listed? Do you want them to be listed in a Grid view or List view.

Category Design – How do you want your Categories listed? Do you want them to be listed in a Grid view or List view.

Enable Orders – When enabled, Customers can order from your app.

Enable acceptance/rejection orders – Do you want all orders to be accepted or do you want the option to reject some orders.


Minimum Qty in Shopping Cart – What’s the minimum amount of items that can be placed in a Shopping Cart for the customer to place an order.

Maximum Qty in Shopping Cart – The maximum amount of a particular product that a customer can order.

Minimum Order Value – The minimum total amount that must be in a Shopping Cart for a customer to place an order.

Maximum Order Value – The maximum total amount that a customer can have in their Shopping Cart when placing an order.


After confirming your settings, be sure to click Save, then click the Store tab.


Enter the information for your store and click Save. Next, enter the hours for your store.


Enter the options that you want to use for your Delivery/Pickup options available to your customers.


Which options do you want to utilize to enable your customers to pay for your products/service. Options include but not limited to PayPal and Stripe (both includes Credit/Debit card), Cash, Check, Money Order, and more!


To add a Product or Category, click the Product tab.


Before adding Products, you should add the Categories that you want to use for your products.