With our Padlock feature, you can block sections of your app so that it is only available to App Users that you give permission to access it. The locked content will be accessible for authorized users only. In fact, if an App User wasn’t given permission to access the blocked section, they wouldn’t even see it in the App Menu.


1)Log into your App Manager and select your app.

2) Click Features from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen).

3)Click the Padlock icon. In your app, it may be titled something different (ex: Members Only, etc).


Upon access the Padlock page, you will see two options on the top-right-hand-side of the screen:

Available From Menu – This would display the Padlock icon in your App Menu. We recommend that you Disable this option. Otherwise, you will have 2 different Login options in your Menu.

Published – If Disabled, the Padlock feature would be completely disabled in your app.

The next Setting options are Unlock by:

QRCODE – This would generate a QRCode that, once scanned, will unlock the section in your app. The generated QR Code would have to be saved and printed. An usage example would be to display the QR Code inside your store to allow your customers to unlock some parts of your app by using the QR Code Scan.

ACCOUNT – With this option, you manually give your App Users permission to access the Locked section by going to Users section in your App Manager (on the left-hand-side menu), locating their account, and clicking the This user can access the pages locked by the “Locker” feature option.


In the Let your users know what is locked field, type a message that App Users that aren’t logged-in or don’t have access will see.

Allow all the users by default: If you select Yes, all users who have already an account on your app, or users who create an account on your app, will have access to the locked content. If you leave the setting at No, this means you will have to authorize your users manually from the Users section.

Lock the entire application?: If you select Yes, your entire app will be blocked from all app users unless they were given permission to access the app. With this option you can create a private app. It’s useful for forcing your App Users to create accounts. If you leave the option at No, you will will only block the sections in your app that you select.

Choose the features to lock: This is where you select the sections in your app that you want blocked (if you set “Lock the entire application?” to “No”).

Click the Save button and you’re all set!

NOTE: When using the Padlock feature, before submitting your app to the App Store, create a test user with authorized access. Then, when you publish your app on iTunes Connect just fill out these info in the user demo fields.