Catalog / Brochure / Menu

With our Catalog feature, you can create very impressive catalogs, brochures, menus, etc in your app. In addition to listing the price, description, and an image for the item, you can also create categories, and sub-categories.

This video will provide you with an overview of how to use the Catalog feature. Below the video are detailed instructions.


Go to your app Control Panel and click “Features” from the left-hand-side of the screen. Next, click “Catalog” (or whatever name it’s called in your respective app) from the app menu.


Create a main category click on “Add a category”:

You’ll then see your first category, the category name can be changed live by typing directly inside the input field. Hit enter to save!

You’ll have two choices:

01) First you can create another category by clicking on the top button Add a category.

02) You can add a Product to one of the existing categories

a) To add a new Product you will have to click on the  cart icon, below is the Product form, when filled, just click Save, the form will collapse, and the new product will be added in the list.

Below an example with some categories, sub-categories & products.


01) You can drag & drop all your categories, sub-categories & products by using the following icon .

02) Only two levels of Categories are allowed: Categories & Sub-Categories

03) Products can only be inside a Category or a Sub-Category.

Design & Backgrounds

You can setup background images for this feature via the tab “Design“:

And a design, via the tab “Design“:

Sample Finished Product:

Your finished product can be like this (with your own colors, etc):