With our new DropBox Sync feature, you can easily display Files and Folders in your app that are in your DropBox account . In addition, you can limit the access of the files to individual App Members by simply naming the Folders the email address of the respective App Member. This is a fantastic way to easily provide access to files to your app users!


  • Connect any folder from your Dropbox and have it displayed in app as a Folder.
  • Enable Private Folders based on the App Members email address. When enabled, any folder that matches the email address of an App Member will be hidden to all other members (except the member with the respective email address). All of their files and folders will be private.
  • Enable a Search/Filter to filter long list of files & folders.
  • Image files (tiff,bmp,jpeg,gif,png,webp,webm,svg) can be previewed inside the app.
  • Document files (pdf,ai,doc,docx,eps,gdoc,gslides,odp,odt,pps,ppsm,ppsx,ppt,pptm,pptx,rtf) can be previewed as PDF. The default behavior is to open the files in the browser. However, if utilizing our PDF Viewer, the PDF will be opened directly inside the app.
  • Document types such as csv,ods,xls,xls,gsheet,xlsx will be previewed directly inside the app
  • Most of the other unsupported files will be opened in Chrome/Safari depending on the mobile phone.


01) If you don’t already have a DropBox account, create one. If you have a DropBox account, proceed to Step 02.

02) Go to: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps/create.

03) Under Choose an API, select Scoped Access.

04) Under Choose the type of access you need, select App Folder.

05) Under Name Your App, enter the name of your mobile app. Next, select Create App.

06) In the Permissions Tab, select “files.metadata.read” & “files.content.read

07) In the Branding tab, enter the required information and click Save Changes.

08) Go to the main DropBox page (https://www.dropbox.com/home) and create a New Folder in DropBox under -> Apps -> Name of App Folder (on the left-hand-side of the screen).

NOTE: If you want to limit access to files based on each respective App Member, name the Folders inside of the Main Folder (above) the Email Address of the respective App Member. Also, be sure to select the option in the App Manager.

09) Go back to the Apps Console (click here). Click the Folder that you just created. Under the Settings tab, scroll down a bit until you get to the App Key & Secret Key section.

10) Copy the App Key and Secret Key and Paste it in the App Manager in your DropBox App Page Settings.

11) After Pasting the Keys, click Authenticate. You’ll then be prompted to Confirm your selections, and provided with a Secret Code. Copy the Secrete Code and Paste into the Secret Code field on the DropBox App Page Settings. Click, Save Credentials.

Note: You must Authenticate the access and obtain the Secret Code on each implementation of the feature in the app (if you have more than one DropBox page in the app, etc).

12) Add the Files/Folders that you want shared in the app.