Virtual Loyalty / Reward Scan Card

The Virtual Loyalty Card feature allows you to scan and store a digital version of your physical Loyalty Card inside your app. This feature is useful for businesses that already have a Point of Sale (POS) system in place.

If your business have a POS system in place, you currently give your customers a physical Loyalty Card… Upon being ready to use your Loyalty Card at the register, the customer give you their card, and you scan the bar code of the Loyalty Card with your scanner.

With this feature, your customers no longer have to use a physical card. They can scan the card into your app. When the customer is ready to use the card, they show you the virtual card that’s in their phone, and you scan the bar code (that’s in their phone). This way, your customers don’t have to worry about carrying the physical card!


The feature is compatible with the following bar code versions:

* Code39

* Code128

* Ean13

* Ean8


To keep the process simple, the function stores one card at a time.

A Recap of How It Works:

1. The customer normally have a physical Loyalty Card from the store.

2. The business offers a new way to store the card inside the Store’s App, so the customer don’t have to worry about carrying the physical card.

3. If they don’t have it already, the customer downloads the app, and tap on the Virtual Loyalty Card button.

4. Using the app, the Bar Code of the physical card is scanned with the phone’s camera into the app.

5.The Bar Code of the physical card is now stored inside the app on the customer’s phone.

6.When at the store, the customer opens the app and shows the Store staff the bar code in their phone.

Using the Feature In Your Control Panel

There is no configuration necessary with this function. Everything is setup once we add the feature to your app.