Configure email / forms with an external SMTP server

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving email. SMTP is used most commonly by email clients, including Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail and Yahoo Mail.

In short, an SMTP server is a basically a mail server. It receives requests and sends e-mails to the recipient. Most of the servers have basic default SMTP servers installed. It’s important not to abuse an external mail server with spam. If so, your email server can easily get blacklisted.

You can use the SMTP feature in your App Manager if you notice that emails from your app forms are not being received by your users.

Click here if you need to import your email from your app to your Gmail account.

Configure App Manager Settings

1) Go to the App Manager, from the left-hand-side menu, select: Settings and Domains and Emails

2) Under Custom SMTP, check the Enable Custom SMTP option.

3) Enter the requested information. Below is an example.

SENDER NAME = The display name that the receiver will see as the sender of the email. For example:

SENDER EMAIL = The email address that that the receiver will see as the sender’s email. For example:

AUTH = The Authorization type. Most secure SMTP servers will utilize the “Log-in” option.

SERVER = The mail server name. For example:

USERNAME = The email account’s username. For example:

PASSWORD = The password to the email address used for “Username”.

SSL = The security encryption setting.

Port = The Port used by the SMTP server. Often it is “465” or “587”. However, your server may be setup differently.

Be sure to click Save to save your selections.

Note: If utilizing our mail server, we use: Log-in;; SSL; and 465.