Individual User Links (File Access Control)

Our Individual User Links feature enables you to easily restrict link access to files, etc to specific app members. Features include the ability to give access to a link to single or multiple users, link to internal and/or external files and app pages, different layouts, and more!

Getting Started

1) Log into your App Manager and select your app.

2) Click Features from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen).

3) Click your Individual User Links feature (whatever is the name of your added feature).


Select the Settings tab to configure your Individual User Links feature.

Design – The Design Layout that you want to use for the feature.

Cover Image – Upload the Cover Image that will be used at the top of the main page.

Enable Search – Check this option if you want a Search function to be on the page.

Display Welcome Text – Select if you want the text, “Welcome [User Name]” to be displayed at the top of the page.

Circular Image Border – Checking this option will round the edges on image borders.

Description Text – The text entered here will describe the functionality of the feature to your app users.

Adding A New Link

Click the Blue + Icon on the right-hand-side of the screen to add a new link.

After adding the new link, complete the required fields.

Link Title – The name that you want displayed for the respective link.

Link Icon Image 256×256 – Upload an icon image for the link.

Link Type – Select if the link should go to an Internal app page, or to an External file or web page.

Link – If linking to a file or External web page, enter the url to the file/page.

In-App-Link Data-State – This is the app page type that you’re linking to if linking to an Internal app page (click here for assistance).

In-App-Link Data-Params – This is the App Page ID that you’re linking to if linking to an Internal app page (click here for assistance).

Assign Link To Users – Select the User(s) that should have access to the link. Press Ctrl on your keyboard to select more than one user at a time.

Remarks – Leave and Admin note on the link.