How To Add Your Stripe API Keys To The Commerce Function In Your App.

Stripe enables your app to accept credit/debit card payments. In order to have your app configured to work with Stripe, you have to add your API Keys to your App Manager.

To have your API keys from Stripe, just create your account at and once your business account is validated by Stripe you will be able to get your API keys:

1) Click on Developers, then API Keys in the middle of the screen.

2) In API settings, under Standard Keys, Create A Secret Key. Note the Publishable Key and Secret Key (to add to the App Manager).

3) Login to your App Manager and select your app.

4) Click Features from the left-hand-side of the screen.

5) Click Shop (or whatever your shopping cart section in your app is titled).

6) Click Manage Content, then click the Edit icon.

7) Under Payment, click Credit card (online payment), then enter the Secrete Key and Publishable Key in their respective fields.

8) Click Save.