How to update an existing app on Play Store and App Store

On Google Play Store

The package name

The app you are going to compiled to get the APK must have the same package name than the one which is published.

To find the package name of your published app, go to your Google Play account, and in the list of apps click on the app you want to update.

The package name is just under the name of your app:


Copy this package name, and then go to your App Builder Control Panel.

Go to the respective app, select: Manage > Publication, and ensure that the information is the same.

In the bundle ID field, paste the package name you have copied, and save:

The version

Look in the version field for your Android app and set the version of your app according to the version of the app which is published. For instance, if the published app is in version 2.0, you have to set 3.0 for the new app. In your Control Panel, for Android apps, you can’t set versions with decimals values like 1.2, 1.3 or 2.3 for example, but only versions with whole numbers like 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc.

To know the version of the published app, go on Google Play, in your app sheet and click on APK from the left menu. You will be able to see the version:


Then you can download the source of your app to compile it with Android Studio. You can also request for us to do it for you (click here).

Keystore and store password

When you compile an app to create an APK, during the process a keystore certificate is created (manually if you use Android Studio). This certificate has two associated passwords, one is the Store password, and the other one is Key password. If you want to update an existing app, you will have to get this keystore certificate and the store password.

If you have published the APK of the previous app yourself, and manually in Android Studio, that means you should have this keystore somewhere on your computer and I hope you have kept the password. Hoping you have these items, use this keystore and password when needed during the publication on Android Studio.

If you don’t have compiled the APK of the previous app yourself, you will have to ask the person who has created the APK to give you this certificate and the associated password. (Note that if you have used some other app builder to publish your previous app, there is small chance you get these items).

If we generated your APK file for you, the keystore and the password were sent to you along with the APK file (we can also resend it).

Now you get your APK on its new version, just upload it on Google Play to get your app updated (you have to count a few hours before the update is released).

On the App Store

It’s not often the case, but updating in the App Store is much more easier because there is no keystore certificate issues.

The Bundle ID

Like for updating an app on Google Play Store, the app you are going to compile and the app which is already published must have the same bundle ID.

To know the bundle ID of the existing app, just login to , click on “My Apps”, then click on your app to see its info, and click on the “more” tab, and then on “About this app” to get the bundle ID:


Copy this bundle ID and then go in your App Builder Control Panel.

Go to the respective app, select: Manage > Publication and ensure that the information is the same.

The version

Then, go below in the version field for your iOS app and set the version of your app to 2.0, or 3.0, or 3.1, etc. depending on the previous version number of your app.

Go back to iTunes Connect, and, still in your app sheet, click on “new version”, enter the version number you have set in the Control Panel.

Then, you can download the source of your iOS app and go compile it in Xcode.