Forms v2

Our power Forms v2 function enables you to create advanced, detailed rich forms to your app. In addition, the form contains an option that enables your app users to view their form results in the app!


A) Log into your App Manager and select your app.

B) Click Features from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen).

C) Click the Forms v2 button near the bottom of the screen.


In Recipient emails field, you can enter multiple recipients. Separate the e-mails with a coma. For example:,,

Enable in-app-history: When this option is enabled, logged-in users will be able to see their submission history (read only) in the app (sorted by date).

Note: The history is only available for logged-in users and when the option is enabled. All submissions made when the setting is off are not saved in the user history. However they are saved in the admin results tab & sent by e-mail when configured.


Select the Fields that will be in your form. There are various field types to choose from.

Fields are grouped in two sections: Formatting elements & Input elements

Let’s check below how each field work:


Title (section, divider): Used to separate the various sections of your form.

White space (spacer): Adds a 20px space between any other field.

Illustration: Adds an image in the form.

Richtext (block): Creates a richtext (wysiwyg) block anywhere in the form.

Clickwrap (action, agreement): Adds a checkbox… When clicked by the app user, it opens a screen with either a custom agreement, or the application privacy policy (depending on the App Admin).


Number: Adds a number input with options… minimum, maximum & step increment.

Dropdown select: Adds a select element with multiple options.

Radio choice: Adds a radio input choice.

Checkbox: Adds a simple checkbox element.

Password: Adds a password text element, input text is not readable.

Text input: A single line text input.

Textarea: A multiline text input.

Pictures (images): Allows user to upload up to 10 images. The limit can be configured individually for each image.

Date: A simple date field, with format options & weekdays restriction.

Date & time: A date & time field, with format options & weekdays restriction.

Geolocation (GPS, georeverse): A clickwrap action… when the users check the box, their location is saved and georeversed (the georeverse api requires a google maps api key).


In Results tab you can see the submissions of the app users. You can also export the results as .CSV file and choose to exclude anonymous results and/or keep only last entry for identified customer.