Logic (Advanced) Surveys

With our Surveys feature you can create complete surveys to collect information and feedback from users.

The feature allows you to create advanced question types using logical triggers, and then collect results, download the info, and export users data. You’ll be able to create as many surveys as you need to.

Use logical triggers

You may want a question to be skipped depending on a specific answer to a previous question. Or you may also want the user to be sent directly to a specific question if he replies to another one. You can use all of these logical triggers to build your own real surveys.

Get exploitable results!

Once you begin to administrate your survey you can check your charts and download a csv with all the data from your users.

Example of one chart regarding a specific question of a survey:


To create surveys click on  in the “Add pages” part. This appears:

Step 2:

To create a first section click on “+” next to Results, then “+Add a section”.

Give a name to this section. Here we will start by “Example” to show you what is possible to do with this feature.

To add a question click on “+Add a question”. This window appears:

First, enter your question in “Field name”.

Let me introduce the different types of field for a question:

: this field enables the user to write a short text.

: this field enables the user to write a long text on several lines.

: this field enables the user to write his email address to contact him.

: this field enables the user to write a number.

: this field enables the user to write the date and hour.

: this field enables the user to indicate his GPS position.

: this field enables the user to select several options.

: this field enables the user to only select one option between the ones submitted.

: this field enables the user to select the option they want.

Every time you enter a new question, you have the possibility to make this field mandatory. It means that the user cannot send the survey if this field is empty. To do this click here:

For each question you can create a logic trigger by clicking on “Add a logic trigger”:

The logic triggers allow you to choose different scripts depending on the user’s answer.


“Always”: always do the action, whatever the answer.

“When answer is”: do the action for the selected answer.


“Skip to question”: allows to skip to another question after the answer.

“Hide question”: allows to hide a question if necessary.

“End survey”: allows to terminate the survey.


For a question like “Do you like this app?”, you enter two possible answers “Yes” or “No”.

With the logic trigger you can choose what happens if the user answers “Yes”, for our example we have chosen “end survey”.

If the user answers “No”, the question “What are the reasons?” is offered.

You can create as many questions as you want in a section. But we recommend you to organize your survey clearly to be easy to fill by the user.

Step 3:

Publish your survey:

Fill the field “Name” and “Thank you message” and click on the Publish button.

Step 4:

Once you have published your survey, you can view the results by clicking on “view results” or download the results in .csv file.

Here is an example of Results:

Example in the application: