Find updated source code (build) in Apple Developer Acct.

I don’t see the updated source code (build) in my Apple Developer Account that you uploaded for me.

Follow the instructions below to submit the source code (build) in your Apple Developer Account that we uploaded for you.

1) If not already there, log into your Apple Connect account, and click My Apps, then select theapp.

2) The new uploaded code will be visible when you click the Activity tab. Be sure to make note of the new Version number.

3)Click the App Store tab, then click Version or Platform from the left-hand-side of the screen.

4)Click iOS.

5) Type the new Version Number (that you noted under the Activity tab), then click Create.

6) Scroll down to the Build section and click the plus icon. Next, select the new build and click Done.

7)Continue with the normal process of submitting your iOS app to Apple.