Import / Export App Feature

With our Import / Export feature, app admins can now easily share the app functions among their various apps – without having to recreate them!

For example, lets say you had a Radio feature in one of your apps. After configuring the feature exactly how you like it, you could export the Radio feature, then import it into another one of your apps. The Imported Radio feature will poss all of the settings, etc. as in the first app.


Log into your App Manager and select Features from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen).

Click the Feature (app page) that you want to export.

NOTE: Currently, not all features are available for export. As we update this function more app functions will be available for exporting.

If the feature can be exported, you’ll see an Export button on the top-right corner, click on it!

Below is an example with the Radio feature :

Upon exporting the feature, you will receive an “yml” file named “radio-{date}.yml”.

yml* stands for YAML it’ the export format we use for large payloads.


While in your App Manager (in the Features section), click the Import button on the top-right-side of the page. Select the yml file to import.

You’ll see the screen like the one below:

When the upload process is complete, reload the Features section by clicking Features. At the end of the Features carousel you’ll see the imported feature with exactly the same content as the exported one!