WordPress Website User Sync

With our WordPress User Sync feature, you can sync your app members with your WordPress website app members seamlessly! In other words, when a user register in your app, they will automatically have an account in your website, and vice-versa.


* When a user creates account on your App, the same account is created in your website.

* When a user tries to register in your App with the same Website credentials, an error is displayed letting the user know that the account already exists.

* When a user sign-in on your App with website credentials, the account gets synced and user log in is successful.

* When a user changes password in your App, their password is changed in your website as well.

* If a user change their password on your Website and then tries to login in your App with new password, it works automatically.


1) Download and add the WP-BAsic Auth plugin (click here) to your WordPress website.

2)Create an account on your website that would be used for your app. Ensure that the account has Admin/Editor permissions. Make note of the login credentials.

3) Log into your App Manager and select your app.

4) Click Features from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen).

5) Click the WP User Sync page.

6)Switch Available From Menu to off.

7)Add the User Sync settings:

  • WordPress URL (without /wp-json/) – Enter the url to your WordPress website.
  • Log-in / Password – Enter the website Login Username and Password that you created in Step 2 above.

8) Click Save.