Create a Google Maps Javascript API Key

Obtaining Google Maps API Key

01) Go to:

Then click on the blue Get Started button on the upper right-hand-side and follow the billing part.

02) Create or select A Project:

03) Create a billing account if you don’t have one (this is mandatory):

04) The account is automatically set to the free trial $300 limit:

05) Once you have filled the billing form, hit the “Start my free trial” button. Select the 3 options and click on Next:

06) Answer the questions and click on Next:

07) Enable your API key:

8) Copy your API key and go to the API console to set the restrictions:

09) In Key Restrictions > API restrictions, select “Restrict key” and select the following APIs:

10) Click SaveCopy the given API Key.


A) Login into your App Manager.

B) Select your app from the left-hand-side of the screen.

C) Select Settings (on the left-hand-side of the screen).

D) Click API Keys.

E) Paste your API Key in the field Google Maps JavaScript API Key.