Embed PDF

The Embed PDF is a simple but useful feature enables you to add PDF’s to your app that can be opened in the app, without the app member leaving your app.


Enable or Disable the ability for app members to Download the PDF’s that you add to the app.


Use the Documents tab to add PDF’s to your app. Upon selecting the tab, you will see any/all PDF’s previously added.

Add A New PDF

To add a new PDF, click the Blue + icon on the right-hand-side of the screen.

Title – The Title that should be for the PDF.

PDF File – Click the button to upload the PDF that you want to add.

Cover Image 1000×1400 – The image to use for the PDF.

Is Published – Should the PDF be enabled?

All Download – Check this box if you want app members to be able to download the PDF.

Save – Save your selections.