Custom App Pages

We give you a wide choice of features to put your products and activity forward.

The Custom page feature allows you to add numerous features to your app pages.. You can add images, videos, attachments, audio, one-touch-call links, links to external pages, and more!

This video will give you an over-view of how to create a Custom App Page. The other instructions provide detailed information on various features within the page.

Creating A Custom Page

A) Log into your Control Panel and select your app.

B) Click Features from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen).

C)Click the Custom Page icon near the lower-middle part of the screen.

D) In the Page name field, give your app page a title.

To add a function to your Custom Page, simply click one of the option buttons (see above image). You can add as many features as you want in the same page. In the “Actively Learning..” sample page above, 3 features were used: two text blocks and a video block.

Text Sections:

To add text to your page, simply click the Text button.

A text editor will appear. Proceed to type your article…

To add an image inside of the text block, click the image icon (that’s inside of the text block). In the above image, the icon is circled in red.


You can also add in your text block a link to a website or a phone number by clicking the hyperlink icon (to the left of the image icon). Upon clicking it, this screen will appear:

You have to choose the protocol you want to integrate “https://” if you want to integrate a website or “tel:” if you want to integrate a phone number. Then write in the URL case the link.




Phone Number:


2. Picture sections

Creating a Photo Gallery is as easy as adding a text section. Simply click the large Image button, then click on “Add pictures”.

You can add a description of your picture if you want.

3. Video Sections

Adding a Video section is easy as well. Simply click the Video button. Once clicked, this appears:

Next, choose the kind of video you want to integrate into your custom page: YouTube videos, Podcast videos or your own videos.


Click on . This appears:

Enter your research or your YouTube URL in the field. Here I enter “Freeride in Sweden” and then click on OK. This appears:

Select the video you want to integrate and then click on “Save” to save your video.


Click on . This appears:

Enter your video podcast address ( .xml format) in the appropriate field. Then click on .

Then click “Save”


Click on . This appears:

To include a video, you have to write the URL address of your video in “Video URL”.

Once you have written the URL address of your video, you can write a little description of it and add a loading picture. To

add a loading picture, click on . You obtain this:


4. Address section

This feature enables the ability to use Google Maps to your selected address.

5. Buttons section

You can add a button to make a call, or a button to open a website.

6. Attachment

This enables the ability to add files to this page (e.g: PDF files, etc…)

7. Slider

You can create an image slider to your page by adding several pictures.

8. Cover

You can add a main image to your Custom page. The Cover Image feature provides more image flexibility than the regular Image feature.

9. Re-Arrange Blocks On A Custom Page

You change the order of your app page sections by simply clicking and dragging the double-headed “move” arrow on the side of the block.

Be sure to click the “Save” button to save your changes.