Inbox (Private Messages)

With our Inbox feature, you can send private messages with specific content to your app users individually. They receive your direct messages in their app Inbox, and they can answer to it (goes to your email).

The users can answer to the messages, just like with emails.

You can add videos, images, and attachments to your messages. This feature is useful in many cases for example: restaurants to confirm reservation; doctors to send a medical file to a patient, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of things does this feature exactly do?

It adds an inbox into the user mobile app, in which you can send specific and private messages with rich-content. It’s just like having an email inbox in the app.

Can I send a message to one user only?

Yes… The app admin chooses to which user(s) should receive the message. It can be one, or multiple app users.

Can I schedule my messages?

Yes, you can schedule your messages so that they are sent the day and time you want.

Is the user notified when he receives a message?

Yes, he/she will receive a push notification stating there is a new message in his Inbox within the app.

What kind of content will I be able to send to users?

You will be able to share rich content: videos, images, HTML, text and send attachments.


1) Login into your App Manager and click “Features” from the left-hand-side of the screen.

2) Click “Inbox” (or whatever you decided to call your Inbox feature) from the top-middle of the screen.

3)You’ll then see this:

4) Click the “+” icon to start a new message and enter the message information.

5) After creating your message, click “OK” to proceed. You can send the message on a specific date, send it to all of your users, or select which users that you want to receive the message. You can also can send a push notification with the message (that will appear on their phone letting them know that they have a new message).

6) Click “Send Message” when ready.


Use the “Manage Messages” section to view all replies to the Inbox messages that you sent.


Global Recipient E-mail: It’s an alternative to the Admin mail. When app user receive an Inbox message, they can reply to it. With the default settings, their reply is sent to the Admin e-mail but if you want the reply to be sent to others, you can add more e-mail addresses in this field (separate multiple by a “;”).

Send Answer E-mail To: You can choose to send replies to the Admin, to the Global recipient(s) or both.

New Message Limit: Limit the number of messages displayed.

Display Type: It’s an aesthetic setting, choose what you prefer.

Display Answers From: When you receive an Inbox message, you will receive it from the Application name. You can choose to receive it from the Admin name who sent it.