How To Add Ads (With Admob) To Your App?

Follow the instructions below to add Admob Ads to your app:

01) Create an adWords account

To login to AdMob you need a Google Adwords account. Create one first at

02) Login to AdMob

Login to AdMob at and create your account after choosing your Adwords account

03) Create Your Ad

Click on Apps and on ADD YOUR FIRST APP:

Next, select the platform on which you want to publish your app. If your app is already published, click on Yes, the app is listed on a supported app store, you will have to search for your app on the stores:

Enter an App name. You can choose to enable User metrics or not. Then click on ADD APP:


Choose from Interstitial or Banner (Rewarded is not supported). Give a name to the Ad and click on CREATE AD UNIT:

Note down the App ID and Ad unit ID:

You can repeat the same process to create the same kind of ad but for another kind of system/device (iOS for example).

To create another kind of ad (Interstitial for example), go to the app you have created and in Ad Units menu click on ADD AD UNIT:

If you have already created an Ad unit ID and want to find the App ID, on your Admob account go to your app, in App settings:

3. Forward us the Ad information

Open a Ticket and forward us the applicable App ID, Banner ID and/or Interstitial ID (for iOS and Android respectively).