Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A Progressive Web App is a web application that has native app capabilities. It has features like push notifications, and app icons can be added to iOS and Android devices. Plus, PWA’s work on desktop devices!

A Progressive Web App will help you avoid the headache of dealing with App Stores while giving you engaging features of native apps! Click here for more information on the benefits of PWAs.

PWA On A Mobile Device

On a mobile device, your Progressive Web App will look and perform similar to how it would as a native iOS and Android app. The difference being it will be accessible via the web.

Whether on a mobile or desktop device, users can access your PWA from your website name. For example, they would simply go to:

See the below screenshot from an iPhone.

PWA On A Desktop Device

Below is a sample of how the PWA will be displayed on a desktop device. It will have all of the functionality of the mobile device but contain a wider screen for desktop usage.

The desktop version of the PWA can also contain your App Logo and QR Code on the left-hand-side of the PWA so that Desktop users can easily get to your mobile phone version by scanning the QR Code.

Getting Started

To get started, go the the App Manager. After selecting your app, select PWA Creator, in the left-hand-side menu under Modules.


If your account does not have PWA activated, you will see a message stating Your app isn’t activated for PWA. If you would like PWA activated for your app, click here to Open A Ticket.


If your account have PWA Activated, you will see the PWA Dashboard. We entered all of the appropriate PWA settings when we enabled your PWA. We do not recommend changing any of settings unless you consult with us first.

PWA DETAILS – This section enables you to change the name, keywords, colors, etc. of the PWA.

PWA PUSH SUBSCRIBE DETAILS – In this section, you can edit the colors, and verbiage of Push Notifications that are sent via the PWA.

PWA COOKIE CONSENT DETAILS – The Cookie Consent section enables you to change the text of the Cookie Consent that is displayed to users.

GENERATE & PUBLISH PWA – This section should only be used when the PWA needs to be re-generated. You should not edit this section unless advised by us.

PWA CUSTOM CSS – In the Custom CSS section, you can add custom code that would enable you to affect the display of the PWA. You’re most likely going to see code entered here by us. You should not remove/edit the code unless we advise.

PWA LINK – This is the link and QR Code of the PWA. It is highly recommended that you do not edit the link url (this can cause issues with your PWA.

PWA Links / URL’s

The default link to your PWA will be something like this:

To promote your app, you can share your PWA link and QR Code that is in the PWA Dashboard in the App Manager.

To make it easier for users to access your PWA, you may want to create a Re-Direct with your website name. This way, your users can go to something like, they will automatically be redirected to your PWA link.

If you’re unsure of how to do this and/or do not have a Domain name, feel free to contact us.

Another option is to use a URL shortener (from sites like, and send the shortened url to your users.