Set Meal (Menu / Cooking)

Use the Set Meal feature for to create menus for a business, or to list cooking ingredients, etc.. You’ll be able to create as many menus as you want.

To begin, click “Features” in your Control Panel, then click “Set Meal” (or Menu, or whatever the feature is called in your app).

Next, click the “+” icon next to Add Content.

You will then see a screen similar to this:

The options include:

Title: Examples include: “Kid’s menu” or “Brunch”, etc.

Price: This field isn’t mandatory. If price is relevant, you could enter it here or you can enter the price in the menu description (but it’s recommended if applicable).

Description: Describe your menu, ingredients, etc here.

Rules: This field isn’t mandatory. You will be able to use it to specify some conditions, for example “Only available on Mondays”, or any other special instructions that you would like to list.

Picture: Add a picture to describe your menu item.

The final product will look similar to this: