How do I use the Padlock Pro (Permissions) feature?

The Padlock / Permissions Pro feature enables app admins to lock pages or group of pages based on different user roles. An example would be a school needing special permissions for Students, Teachers, and Parents.


* Lock single / multiple menus / features

* Assign a Single page or Multiple pages to a User

* Enterprise level access for each departments etc.

* If you flag a user (can access the pages locked by the “Locker”) they become front end super admin who will have access to everything and other users will still have limited access based on their roles set by Padlock Pro feature.


* Users can’t be automatically assigned to any role. App admin has to assign role/page to each user you want to have access to protected pages.

* Users have to self register or be added by admin and then will be visible in Login Redirect Module for assigning a role.


1) Log into your Control Panel and click “Features” from the left-hand-side of the screen.

2) Create the Pages/Folders that require special access.

Note: It might be better to first organize the pages that require special access into folders (create the pages, then create a folder and move the pages into the folder).

3)Click “Padlock Pro” (or whatever your featured is titled) from the middle of the screen. If not already added to your app, click “Padlock Pro” from the bottom of the screen (that lists your available features).

4)Under “Choose the features to lock“, click the app pages or folders that lock permissions should be applied to, then click “Save

5) Under “Users with Access“, select the user that you would like to give special access to. Under “Select Role“, select the folder/page that the app user should be given special access to. Click “Save“.


If you want to give a user access to all features, click “Users” from the left-hand-side of the screen. Click the edit icon next to the user that needs the access. Lastly, click “Choose the features to lock” and click “Save“.