The Messaging feature enables you to add user-to-user messaging in your app. App Admins can select to limit messaging to only to them, to their selected Staff (& the Admin), or messaging between all users. Messages can contain emojis and images. See below for setup instructions.

DATA SOURCE – This is the Social Network framework that the Message feature is utilizing. The Social Network feature will normally be disabled. If we designed your app, do not change this field setting.

ENABLE NOTIFICATION – Check this option if you want app members to be notified via a Notification if they receive a new message.

DEFAULT MEMBERS LIST – Select if you want members to be able to message each other or if you want to limit the messaging of members to you and/or your staff.

NOTES – The title that you want the message to be named.

LANGUAGE FOR MESSAGE – The verbiage that you want used when members receive a new message. Leave $name if you want the app to automatically use the member’s name when they receive the message.

DEFAULT STATE FOR MEMBERS – Select whether members are listed as “Online” or “Offline” by default. Members can change their default state in their app settings.

DEFAULT OFFLINE MESSAGE – The default message that’s received when an app member is Offline. Members can change their default Offline message in their app settings.