Folders / Directories

The Folders feature allows app admins to organize their app pages into categories. This will enable your app users to easily navigate around the various sections of your app.

The video below will provide you with an overview of how to use the Folders feature. This video contains detailed instructions.

Creating A Folder

If not already added to your app, to create a Folder, click the Folder icon in the Add Pages section of your App Manager. If the Folder is already created, click the Folder name.

After clicking the Folder icon you will see the following:

Folder Tab: This page enables you to set the main settings for the Folder.

Design Tab: The Design tab enables app admins to set their Folder design to some pre-configured layouts. You can also add a background image to your Folder page.

Settings Tab: This feature contains an option for enabling the “Search” feature in the Folder. It also has the option to enable “Card Design”. Without Card Design enabled, the various sections of the Folder reach the full width of the screen. Card Design gives each section a frame (click here for more info).

Title: Under Title, give the Folder a name. If applicable, assign a Subtitle.

Override layout: If you want to use a specific design for a subfolder, you can set it with this setting. If you don’t override the layout, all subfolders will posses the same design option as the main Folder.

Show Cover: Use this feature to display a main image on your Folder Page.

Show Title: This option enables the Title to be displayed below the Cover Image.

Cover: Be default, the Folder will be given a Cover Image. If you would like to upload your own Cover Image, use this option. The image size should be 960×600.

Thumbnail: Be default, the Folder will be given a Thumbnail Image. If you would like to upload your own Thumbnail Image, use this option. The image size should be 512×512.

Save: Be sure to click “Save” after applying your changes.

Creating A Subfolder / Editing A Folder:  To create a subfolder, you have to click on . If you want to change the name, the subtitle or the cover/thumbnail image, simply click on .

Add Pages To Your Folder:

You can only add App Pages to a Folder that were already created… So if not already done, create the App Page first, then go to the Folder to add the Page.

After accessing the Folder, scroll down a bit to the Add Feature section.

Note: If you want to add an App Page to a subfolder, after accessing the Folder, click the edit icon of the subfolder. Then proceed to add the Page.

Lastly, click the App Page(s) that should be added to the Folder (or subfolder).

After you add the Page, it will appear above the Folder settings.

To edit the App Page in a Folder, simply access the Folder (or click the edit icon of a subfolder), then Click the App Page that you would like to edit.

Remove An App Page From A Folder:

To remove an App Page from a Folder (or submfolder), simply access the Folder, then click the delete icon on the App Page.

The App Page won’t permanently delete from the app… It would simply be moved from the Folder to the app’s Main Screen.

Note: If you delete an App Page from the Main Screen, it will be permanently deleted.