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Updates And Bug Fixes 12/24/19

A couple of very cool features was added with this latest update. See the details below. As always, some updates require your app to be republished for the change to take affect in your live app. Click here to open a Ticket and request for your app to be republished.


  • Fixed M-Commerce not loading on apps published before 4.18.0.
  • Fixed incorrect delivery time value, was always fixed to 30 minutes.
  • Fixed payment processing not always loading on iOS apps.
  • Fixed credit card form not always loading on all versions. STRIPE
  • Adds missing translations Check m-commerce translation file in backoffice.
  • Hides signup when the signup is disabled in my account.
  • Improves buyer & invoice/delivery UI.
  • Improves UI steps on checkout process, removing the need for double actions.


  • Updates editor with new options for Android, iOS.
  • Updates In-App-Browser to use WKWebView instead of UIWebView.
  • External browser now opens an external intent for a CustomTab (SafariTab, ChromeTab).
  • Allows to preview internal links inside the app overview, external browser will not work in the overview, but will open in a new page with the HTML5 App.


  • Fixed url & links not opening in apps.


  • Fixed “GetLabel” bug.


  • Fixed radio & audio crashing on iOS 13+, temporary disabled Music Controls when app is in background, this was crashing any audio content.
  • Bumped minimal supported from iOS 9+ to iOS 10+.
  • Updated cordova core to 5.1.1 and WKWebView, which disable UIWebView at compile time to remove references to it.


  • Fixed Music Controls background control.
  • Bumped minimal Android studio version to 3.5+.