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Updates And Bug Fixes 09/03/19

See below for a number of improvements and bug fixes that are now available.


  • Fixed background image form not working.
  • Tests the feed url while saving, and display eventual errors if any.


  • Improved the list ‘open a feature’ with alpha sort, and visual information like in Padlock.
  • Removed temporarily non-working ‘My account’ from the available features.
  • Improved UI with dynamic push preview images which are now translatable.
  • Hides silent push notifications (no title, no message) when App is in foreground.
  • Fixed local notifications missing channel for Android 9+.
  • Added missing indexes & nullable.


  • Added user preferences for new post geolocation: once, ask, always, never.
  • Added ability for user to edit their posts & comments.
  • Added posts & comments edit history.
  • Added user moderation. A user can now block any other user posts & comments.
  • Added a new simple profile page (if at least one user interaction is enabled, like, comment, post). This pages allows the user to manage the blocked users list, to see it’s own posts history & a shortcut to my account.


  • Added in-app links for Commerce home, Cart, Order history.


  • Fixed mailto: action not working.
  • Fixed distance filter not working.
  • Fixed job icon always using the company icon.


  • Fixed subfolders not showing anymore..


  • Added configurable ‘text’ & ‘border’ for the section General.


  • Removed the default blue background on signup form, creating visual issues with transparent logos.


  • Fixed custom icon uploader working inconsistently & requiring page reload.


  • Fixed more button not showing for layouts with a more button.
  • Fixed memory crash on editor for layouts with a more button.
  • Improved UI for layout options, better segmentation & clear save buttons.
  • Fixed issue with Layouts using side-menus & contextual-menus.
  • Fixed animations & open/close triggers.


  • Fixed ‘more’ action not opening in the feature editor.
  • Changed application list user interface.
  • Fixed UI during file uploads: hiding too fast & not showing errors.
  • Fixed an issue while opening several features, dialogs & pop-up menus leaving an invisible overlay. The result was all touch actions were blocked.
  • Improved the offline mode loading process to prevent network bottlenecks during app loading.
  • Improved UI speed of carousels by removing un-necessary javascript animations, replaced with css animations.
  • Improved cache triggers to see updated list of features instantly.
  • Improved general files write and highly reduces writes count of assets.