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Updates And Bug Fixes 06/12/19

A number of issues were fixed and we added a lot of small but important fixes with this update. For many of these fixes, it’s important to note that your app must be republished in order for the change to take affect in your live app.


  • Fixed missing currency and locales occurring in M-Commerce, Catalog & Easy Appointment.


  • Fixed the invisible gallery dropdown menu.
  • Added a refresh button.


  • Fixed settings not applied when My Account is inside a Folder (v2).
  • Fixed My Account title not using the correct Title in the features list, but My Account instead.
  • Fixed an issue preventing to remove My Account from a Folder (v2).


Fixed push not loading correctly on app cold start.


  • Fixed RSS edit, duplicated save button.
  • Fixed RSS re-ordering.
  • Fixed RSS delete issue.
  • Fixed an issue when the feed is missing last modified date.
  • Fixed an issue preventing ALL feeds to load if any was failing.
  • Added generic user-agent to prevent deny of service based on agent name.


  • Fixed save button outside the modal (and potentially outside visible screen).


  • Added layout name under illustrations.


  • Fixed toastr notifications not hiding automatically.


  • Fixed settings not always loading correctly due to the cache.
  • Fixed partially infinite loop repeating places.
  • Fixed load more not working.
  • Replaced google maps navigation, with native intent for Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps instead of forcing the Google Maps web version.


  • Fixed floating point for the geo-location field (constant 5 digits, precision within 1 meter).
  • Fixed the image max-height/width to prevent scaling.
  • Added new datetime picker.
  • Added new settings design: list/card, and date format for the datetime picker.
  • Added a CSV export.
  • Added ability to automatically links logged-in user to submitted forms.
  • Added ability save all requests in App Manager and displays the information in a list.


  • Added a new datetime picker.
  • Added a new settings design: list/card, and date format for the datetime picker.


  • Fixed layouts 1, 2 & 3.
  • Added new settings design: list/card.
  • Added ability to override default feed thumbnail / titles / subtitles with the split option.
  • Added a new split / merge mode, display each feed as a group, or merge all feeds into one.