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Updates And Bug Fixes 06/17/19

We’re always improving our service! Below is the latest round of updates and bug fixes. Please note that for the majority of the listed improvements, your app must be republished to benefit from the change.


  • Added an option to have a single Date & Time or Check-in & Check-out dates.
  • Added options to set a Cover Image
  • Added an option to set add Description to the Booking.
  • Added new design options: List & Card.


  • Complete recoding of the List & Search funcitons.
  • Fixed contact display options.
  • Added new design options: List & Card.
  • Added default currency settings for income fields
  • Added geolocation error icon when GPS is disabled or timeout.
  • Added picture upload option for resumes, cover letters, etc (can upload up to 5 files).


  • Added geolocation error icon when GPS is disabled or timeout


  • Fixed view full article link not opening.


  • Fixed links not opening correctly from the list.


  • Fixed delivery method not showing when outside radius, now displays a message to inform the user.
  • Fixed an error when the minimum order amount wasn’t reached, blocking the checkout.
  • Added a badge to display how many items are in your current cart beside My cart on the homepage.


  • Fixed inAppBrowser settings to always open _system.


  • Removed ConnectionService and call to the server every 3 seconds, resulting in unwanted server load.
  • Fixed incorrect date being set on app analytics.
  • Implemented themed e-mail on Booking requests, Job contacts, User registration, and GDPR Data requests.
  • Caching table metadata used by Zend to improve performance on servers.


  • Improved UI & UX with tabs and smaller placeholders.
  • Added a new section for app e-mail colors.
  • Added two new colors for icons