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Software And App Updates

Below is a quick round-up of the recent changes that we made.  The changes are improvements to your Control Panel, and various app features.  Some changes (noted below) requires that your app to be republished before you see the change in your live app.


– Fix: CSV download issues.

CHAT (Requires Your App To Be Republished)
– Fix: The duplicate push notifications that were sent in a private chatroom between two users
– Add: The option to create name of chatrooms with special characters and emojis.

TAXI (Requires Your App To Be Republished)
– Fix: Request not updated after payment
– Fix: Driver are tracked again after accept a client
– Fix: Replacing socket_user object, in setUserOnline function, only after new object is completely initialized (avoid error on checking user properties not yet initialized)
– Fix: Header sometimes disappearing in map view on iOS
– Fixes some driver position update issues
– Improves feature loading time
– Fix: Cache issues

– Fix: A random timeout when downloading sources.

– Fix: A side effect preventing Appointment module to work correctly.

– Fix: Issue with MusicControls not available in HTML5 Apps preventing audio to play.
– Fix: Issue with Media player in Browser/HTML5 App.

– Fix: Hides urls in inAppBrowser on iOS devices.

– Fix: Revokes user works as expected.
– Fix: Issue with AdMob not loading & preventing push & google maps to register.

– Fix: Some rare issues with UTC date formats.

– Fix: An issue with Feature analytics date filters in responsive mode.

– Fix – Issue with crop button in responsive mode.

– Fix: Issue with cache on places list when using multiple places feature in the same app.