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Republishing iOS App Fee


As a result of the ever increasing difficulty and resources that it takes to republish an iOS (Apple) app, going forward there will be a $19.99 fee to republish apps if you are an app design customer of ours. The fee covers a one-time republishing of your iOS and Android app.

If you currently have an active Maintenance Subscription Service with us, this fee is waived (after your Maintenance Subscription Service has begun).

After payment is made, simply Open a Ticket and request for your app to be republished.


If we did not design your app and you need your app republished, the fee is $19.99 (click here for more info on this service).

For our app design customers, as before, there is no fee for the initial publishing of your app. In addition, text and image updates to your app do not require your app to be republished.

Your app only needs to be republished if you change your logo (app icon), background images, if certain new features are added to your app, and/or if there is a major change to one of the app’s core functions (due to a major improvement, updates required by Apple, and/or to fix a major issue).

Android (Google) is not affected by this change. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us here.

NOTICE: This page was updated on 10/24/19 to reflect the new fee structure.