Progressive Loyalty / Reward Points Updated

I’m happy to announce that the Progressive Loyalty (Reward) Points feature was updated! Now your customers can earn Reward Points when they book your service via our Appointments Pro feature or when they make purchases via your app.


Collecting loyalty points on bookings

With the new release of the Appointments Pro feature you’ll be able to define how many loyalty points the different services will be worth. These points are credited seamlessly and automatically without any user intervention at the end of the booking whenever it has been successfully completed – this means that it was not deleted or cancelled. If, for some reason, the client didn’t show for the booking, the booking will need to be cancelled in order for the points not to be automatically credited.



Collecting loyalty points on Mcommerce sales

With the new release of the Progressive Loyalty Card feature you’ll be able to import the sales from the Mcommerce feature and define a rule to convert the amount into points. The sales are only imported into the Progressive Loyalty Card feature once the order is marked “Done”. Hourly a server cron-job will be executed to check all of the orders that have been concluded, import and convert them into points seamlessly and automatically without any user intervention.