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Radio Krajan

This “baby” named Radio Krajan was born on January 4, 2018 in Chicago and started its broadcast on February 2, 2018 …

The parents of this baby to kiss (and to listen to) are TWO dads: Henry Destiny (HáDéčko) & Ian Destiny (ÍDéčko) >>> Destiňáci … SMILE 😉 😉

After a forced break of active live broadcasting, due to circumstances, 03.03.2020 finally managed to “revive from a coma” (re-start) Radio Krajan … and how else than with a SMILE 😉

Gradually, some programs that are already well-established and popular are being restored. At the same time, brand new programs, perhaps no less successful, will be deployed.

Through our app you can listen to our live stream, send messages, send us feedback, receive notifications and more!