App Home Page Designs

Are you tired of the same old “templated” look of your app’s Home Page? Are you looking for something more modern and stylish? If so, your solution is here!

We’re now selling designs that you can use for your app’s Home Page!



  • Increase the value of your apps and impress your clients with a modern, stylish, app design.
  • Earn revenue by reselling the designs as “premium” design options to your customers and clients (effectively costing you nothing to obtain the product).
  • Get everything you need with the purchase to impress your clients: a preview video, a phone screenshot, and an iPad/tablet screenshot.
  • Guaranteed to work with the current version of Sib. and NW.
  • Increase the probability of your app being approved by Apple by not having a your app look as “templated”.
  • Easily configurable by simply replacing the default images and/or editing the css to fit your needs.
  • Very affordable…
  • Sold by a trusted member of the Sib. community.


  • Full code of the design (including css files, etc).
  • A video preview of the design.
  • A phone screenshot of the design.
  • An iPad/Tablet screenshot of the design.
  • Detailed install instructions.


Upon purchase, you will be provided with your Username and Password to this website. For support for the service, simply open a Ticket (click the “Support” link a the top of the website).


These are not Sib. or NW. Layouts. You do not install these the same way that you install a Sib. or NW. Layout. These designs will not appear in the “Layouts” section in the Admin Panel of your Sib. or NW. platform. Click here for our full Terms of Service.


With these designs, you simply:

A) Upload the design folder to your server.
B) Copy the provided code to your Source Code module.
C) Replace the default url in the code with your folder location on your server.
D) Replace the default links in the code to your in-app links.
E) Replace the default images with the images that you want to use.
F) Select Layouts 1 or 9, and move the Source Code module to the first position in your Features list (When using Layout 1, be sure to select the visible on all pages option).

NOTE: When you upload the designs to your website server, the directory structure should be something like this (using the “Footer” design as an example): that are in the folder)

You can also do something like this: that are in the folder)

However, you should NOT upload the files from the design to your website server without the design files being in their respective folder.

A step-by-step guide is included with your purchase. Below is a quick “how to” video. Feel free to let us know if you need assistance setting-up the design.

(It’s Best To View The Video In Full Screen Mode)