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We’re No Longer Publishing Client Apps Under Our Google Account

Effective immediately, we can no longer publish the apps of our clients under our Google Developers Account.  To have their app published to the Google Play Store by us, each customer must have their own Google Developers Account.

We will continue to provide the option of publishing the apps of our customers under our Apple Developers Account on a “very selective basis”.

The change in our policy is the result of an issue we incurred with Google as a consequence of the app of one of our customers.  Our Google issue will not be resolved until maybe tomorrow. Unfortunately, this issue has affected all apps under our Developers Account.  Until the issue is resolved, the respective apps will not be accessible via the Google Play Store.  However, the apps will continue to function as normal if already installed on a mobile device.

If you’re a new Android customer of ours (prior to 05/06/17) with a new app currently being developed (and not yet published), we will furnish half of the cost opening your Google Developer Account.  Google charge $25 per year for a Developers Account.  Please note that we will only pay half the cost of opening the account, and will not pay for subsequent charges from Google.

This post will be updated once the issue with Google is resolved.



UPDATE: 05/10/17 (5:35 am EST)

We expect Google to resolve the issue today.  Upon this issue being resolved, we will immediately begin assisting customers with the process of transferring their app from our Apple/Google Developers Account to their own account.

We are not requiring customers to transfer their app to their own Developers Account but for those that request the transfer, we will assist with the process.  Detailed instructions on the procedure will be provided.

Click here to open a Ticket to request to have your app transferred to your own Developers Account.



UPDATE: 05/11/17 (11:27 am EST)

We’re still waiting on Google… I request was sent asking for an update.  As soon as we hear back from them this post will be updated.



UPDATE: 05/17/17 (11:02 am EST)

We’ve reached out to Google on a number of occasions requesting an update on the situation and was told each time that they’re not done looking into the matter.

We understand that this is very frustrating to our affected customers and a huge inconvenience to them.  As a result, we will refund the full fee that it costs to open a Google Developers Account.

Any affected customer that wish to move their Android app to their own Google Developers Account (from ours) please open a Ticket and let us know. In your Ticket request be sure note your app name, and the PayPal email address that we should use for the refund.  All refunds will be issued within 24 hours of the Ticket request.

Important things to note:

* Since your app is already published (and this is not an app transfer), to republish the app under your Google Developers Account your app name would have to be slightly changed. In addition, any users currently using the app under our Google Developers Account would need to download the “new” app.

* Google may not accept the app if it contains the same logo as the “old” app so a new logo may be needed (and recommended).

* The link to open a Google Developers Account is:

* The refund is for opening the account.  Any subsequent fees (annual or otherwise) from Google will not be refunded.