New Unified Background Image!

We added a new unified background feature to your App Manager!  The new feature enables app admins to upload a single image to be used for their app’s background and slash image instead of having to upload 6 different images in various sizes.  In addition, the feature also significantly reduces your app’s download size.

When you first access the Design section of your App Manager you’ll notice a warning stating that an Update Is Required.  No change is required from you unless you want to take advantage of the new feature or if you need to republish your app to the respective App Store(s).

To utilize the new feature, simply click the Upgrade Now button.  You’ll also have the option to first download your currently used images.

After clicking Upgrade Now, you’ll be presented with the new Unified Homepage settings.  Simply click the Change Your Homepage button to upload your new background image.

Your new background image must be 2732×2732 in size.  The Unified Homepage settings includes a grid that enables you to easily see how your logo, etc will look in various orientations.  We also provide a template that you can use. Click the Download template as PNG or PSD button to obtain the template.

Remember, you must republish your app in order for the changes to take effect in your live app.

If you have any questions feel free to open a Support Ticket.