New Smart Ads Feature!

Our new Smart Ads feature will display targeted full screen in-app ads to your app users.

There are numerous use-cases for this awesome feature. For example, you can use an Ad to explain how a new feature works or communicate a promotion or discount. You’ll be able to create text ads directly on the Editor or upload image Ads.

App users don’t always update to the newest version of an app from the App Stores. With this new feature you can force users to update to your latest release by linking to the App Store, and preventing them from continuing unless they click the Ad.


Click here for documentation on how to configure the Smart Ads feature.



Time Based Targeting – Target your app users based on the time of day, day of the week, etc.

Design Your Ads – Create your own Ads form the editor or upload an image Ad.

Force Update – Use the feature to force your app users to update their version of your app by removing the close button from the Ad.

App Version Targeting – Target users of a specific version and ask them to upgrade or explain a new feature.


App User Interface


App Manager Front-End Interface