New Progressive Rewards (Loyalty) Feature

The Progressive Reward Points (Loyalty) feature will allow you to launch a loyalty program and reward your customers as they purchase your products/service. You can setup several rewards that the customer can earn as their points accumulate. In addition, this function is integrated with our Appointments Pro and Commerce features so you can award Points as they use those services as well!

With our powerful reporting engine, you can easily identify your most loyal customers and how many
rewards are used. You will also get an estimate on the sales that the loyalty program is generating you. Finally, you can track the employees who validate the points and the rewards.



Multiple Rewards – No need to wait until the card is completed to redeem rewards. Define several rewards per card.

Multiple Designs – Select from 3 loyalty card designs, including the popular dial design.

Fraud Detection – Get detailed reporting on who validated points and rewards. Immediately compare with other employees.

Appointments Pro – Integrates with our Appointments Pro feature… Customers earn points when they book your service.

Commerce – Integrates with our Commerce feature… Customers earn points as they make purchases via your app.

Detailed Analytics – Get insights into your most valuable customers: how often they visit your store, and how many rewards are used.

Remote Points Validation – Loyalty card points can be validated on the mobile phone or via your Control Panel for takeout businesses.

Custom Reward Images – Define different images so that the customer can visualize the rewards that can be obtained.



Click here for detailed instructions on how to use the Progressive Rewards / Loyalty feature.