New “Inbox” Features And Bug Fixes

We greatly improved the Inbox feature!  See the details below for all of new additions and bug fixes.

If you’re currently using the Inbox feature and your app wasn’t republished in a while (longer than 3 months or so), it would have to be republished to take advantage of all of the changes. If you’re currently not using the Inbox feature but would like to add it to your app, click here to open a Ticket and send us your request.



* Fixes message creation in editor.
* Hides send notifications when Individual push is not installed.
* Fixes an issue creating multiple Text blocks when opening the Inbox Form.
* Fixes error when deleting message from mobile.
* Fixes date insertion in database for english default language.
* Fixes an error on function initializating for the first time.
* Fixes message deletion, when an admin deleted a message all the same messages were deleted.
* Sorts messages by most recent answer.
* Shows scheduled message date.
* Adds a custom thumbnail to be used in the Android push notification & inside the inbox list (iOS & Android).
* Adds in-app links in message & answers from the Editor.
* Adds CKEditor in replies.
* Adds an option to send a push notification on reply.
* Adds custom recipient e-mails to alert on customer replies, along with options:

  • Send only to admin.
  • Send only to global recipients.
  • Send to admin & global recipients.
  • Disable answer e-mails.
  • Adds an option to display Application name or Admin name in the answers.



* Fixes wrong message dates. Dates are now formatted according to the user’s locality.
* Fixes message deletion. When the app user deleted a message all the same messages were deleted.
* Sorts messages by most recent answer.
* Adds a pull to refresh.
* Adds tags to highlight new messages & new replies.
* Adds new design options, choose from:

For more information on the Inbox feature click here.