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New Cab Ride Feature (Uber Like App)!

Have your own (Uber like) Taxi service app! The app offers two registration processes, one for drivers and one for users. When someone registers as a driver you can accept and manage him from your editor.

Once accepted, a driver can be online or offline. If online, the driver is warned by a notification that a passenger has requested a ride.

Create your own taxi business

Whether you are managing your own fleet from one to hundreds of taxis, or you want to offer a service of passengers driving in your city, everything you need is offered in this app:

  • Drivers management
  • Passengers
  • Payment methods (Credit car and/or cash)
  • Vehicle types
  • Requests status
  • And much more.

A quick and pleasant experience for passengers

Passengers can book a taxi in a few seconds. They just have to open the app, enter their destination address and choose from a list of available drivers in their neighborhood. All drivers which are in the radius you have defined have to answer within the response time you have set. Once some drivers have accepted the ride, the passenger can choose from the list the most suitable driver.

For the full documentation click here.

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