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How does an app user check to see if their app is up-to-date or force an update of their app?

When major features are added or a code update was performed, often your app will need to be updated in the respective App Store in order for the app to work properly. To check for or force the update of an app, the App User can tap 5 times on the Page Name of “My
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For Layouts 90 / 39 / 59 / 69 how do I fix the slide-out menu from overlaying the phone icon’s status bar?

For Layouts 90/39/59/69, the slide-out menu may overlay the status bar of the phone (where the icons reside).  Follow the instructions below to correct this:   1) Log into your App Manager and select your app. 2) Click Colors from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen). 3) Scroll down to the Advanced SCSS box. If there is already code in
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