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Why some Push Notifications appear to not work?

The article below explains why it may appear that your Push Notifications are not working on Android. It’s an article posted on Free Code Camp and written by Neil Mathew.   Push Notifications fail on specific Android phones. Here’s why. I recently added support for Push Notifications in the Kayako App. I tested and shipped
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Why aren’t my Android Push Notifications being received and audio not playing in the background when some phones go to sleep?

The short answer is it they way that some phone Android manufactures disable background services once an app is closed.  The article below on Medium gives a very detailed explanation of the situation and how you can resolve the issue with your app users. Here’s a quote from the article about solutions to the
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Center the image and text when sending Push Notifications.

The code below will center the image and text when sending a Push Notification.     1) Log into your App Manager and select your app. 2) Click Colors from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen). 3) Scroll down to the Advanced SCSS box.  If there is already code in the box do not delete it!  Simply
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Inbox (Private Messages)

With our Inbox feature, you can send private messages with specific content to your app users individually. They receive your direct messages in their app Inbox, and they can answer to it (goes to your email). The users can answer to the messages, just like with emails. You can add videos, images, and attachments to
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In App Messages

The In App Messages feature allows you to display a message to users that are currently using your application. First, create a new in app message by clicking on . Now is the time for you to give a title to your message and to write the text you want the users to see. You can
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Push Notifications

Our Push Notifications feature allows you to send Notifications to the phone of your app users about news, promotions, updates, etc.  This is similar to how one receives a notification on their phone from Facebook, Gmail, etc. This a very useful feature because it enables you to link a Notification to an app page in
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Topics and Notifications

This feature allows you to create Topics your users can subscribe to, in order for you to send Push Notifications and In App Messages only to those who have subscribed to a specific topic.        

Can my app have Push Notifications?

Yes. We provide unlimited Push Notifications. Please note that although we provide unlimited Push Notifications, we do not permit abuse of the service.