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Set Meal (Menu / Cooking)

Use the Set Meal feature for to create menus for a business, or to list cooking ingredients, etc.. You’ll be able to create as many menus as you want. To begin, click “Features” in your Control Panel, then click “Set Meal” (or Menu, or whatever the feature is called in your app). Next, click the “+” icon
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Catalog / Brochure / Menu

With our Catalog feature, you can create very impressive catalogs, brochures, menus, etc in your app. In addition to listing the price, description, and an image for the item, you can also create categories, and sub-categories. The video below will provide you with an overview of how to use the Catalog feature.  Below the video
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How do I change the colors of my app?

You can edit colors of your app by logging into your Control Panel, selecting your app, then click the “Colors” tab. You should note the settings before you make a change because you can’t reset to the previous settings. Simply Click the box of the color section you want to change.  The changes you make will be
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