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How to get your Google Sheets API Key?

Follow the instructions below to obtain your Google Sheets API Key.   (01) Go to the Google Cloud Console. If you haven’t used Cloud Console before then Google may ask you to identify your country and agree to its terms of service. Then click on Agree and Continue.   (02) If you already used the
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Testing Android Push Notifications On Your Phone

Need to double-check to see if your Push Notifications are working on your live (published) Android app?  Follow the steps below: 1) Open the app that you need to test. 2) Go to My Account (or whatever your Account page is named) and login. 3) Select the Settings icon on the top-right-hand corner. 4) Tap
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Create a Google Maps Javascript API Key

OBTAINING GOOGLE MAPS API KEY 01) Go to: Then click on the blue Get Started button on the upper right-hand-side and follow the billing part.   02) Create or select A Project: 03) Create a billing account if you don’t have one (this is mandatory):   04) The account is automatically set to the
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Obtain YouTube API Key

OBTAINING GOOGLE YOUTUBE API KEY To create your API key for enabling Youtube videos in the Custom page feature, follow these steps: – Go on – Login or create a Google account. – Click on Project and click on Create project.   – Create your project   – Select “Library” on the left menu and
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