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How do I share, invite, or add someone as an admin on my Google Developer Account (Console)?

Follow the instructions below to invite us as an admin to your Google Developer Account so that we can publish your app. 1) Log into your Google Developer Account (Console) by going to https://play.google.com/apps/publish/ 2) Click Settings  > Users & permissions. To add a user, select Invite new user and follow the onscreen instructions. To update permissions for an existing user, hover
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Preview / Demo My App On My Phone

Using our App Previewer, you can demo/preview your app on your phone prior to your app being published to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Below are the links to our Previewer apps. Download the app onto you phone.  Then use your account login information to gain access to the the app.  Once
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Create a Google Maps Javascript API Key

Go to: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript Then click on Get API Key from the left-hand-side of the screen. Then select Get Started… and select the 3 options. Then select Create a new project: Name your project and click on Next. Create a billing account if you don’t have one (this is mandatory): The account is automatically set to
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Add a google location map with multiple places.

The instructions below will enable you to have a Google Map in your app that displays multiple locations.  An example would be a chain restaurant that to display all of their restaurant locations at one time.   1) Go to https://www.google.com/maps 2) Make sure you’re signed in – you can do so by clicking the
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Add A New Specific Font To Your App

To add additional fonts to your app that’s not listed in the drop-down list of the “Design” tab of your App Manager, follow the instructions below.  You will be able to add a font from “Google Fonts”.  Click here to go to Google’s website and view all available options.   Getting Started: 1) Find the
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Use A Specific Color For Each Feature Icon

Here is a special snippet to change colors of your features. Just like this: for the example, we use the template “blutility”: 1) Log into your App Manager and select your app. 2) Click Colors from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen). 3) Scroll down to the Advanced SCSS box and past the following code. If there is already
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How do I access my App Manager to edit my app or send Push Notifications?

To access your Control Panel click here or go to https://apps.buzapps.net.        

Where can I get a background image for my app?

There are a lot of places online you can use to obtain a background image for your app.  The article below lists a number of good sites: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/iphone-wallpapers-for-apps/      

I don’t like the icons that are available by default where can I get new ones?

There are numerous places online you can get icons.  You may want to consider having some designed (but this can be very costly) or you may want to design some yourself. You can also visit the following websites for assets or just for inspiration: https://www.iconfinder.com/ http://www.iconarchive.com/category/application-icons.html      

How to update an existing app on Play Store and App Store

On Google Play Store The package name The app you are going to compiled to get the APK must have the same package name than the one which is published. To find the package name of your published app, go to your Google Play account, and in the list of apps click on the app
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