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How do I properly comment my code in the Advanced CSS box of the Colors section?

Use the sample below as a guide on how to properly comment your code in the Advanced CSS box in the “Colors” section of your App Manager.   /** Place begin comment here*/ Your CSS code will go here. /** Place your end comment here*/      

How do I make the text not capital while in “grid view” of Layout 65?

Follow the instructions below to remove the capitalization of the page titles while in Grid View of Layout 65. 1) While in your Control Panel, click “Colors” on the left-hand-side of the screen (or click the “Colors” tab). 2) Scroll down to the Advanced SCSS box and enter the following code: .layout.l65 .grid1 li p
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Add A New Specific Font To Your App

To add additional fonts to your app that’s not listed in the drop-down list of the “Design” tab of your App Manager, follow the instructions below.  You will be able to add a font from “Google Fonts”.  Click here to go to Google’s website and view all available options.   Getting Started: 1) Find the
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