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Change the Points default background color in Progressive Loyalty Points.

Use the code below to change the Points default background color int he Progressive Loyalty (Reward) Points feature.   1) Log into your App Manager and select your app. 2) Click Colors from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen). 3) Scroll down to the Advanced SCSS box.  If there is already code in the box do not
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Virtual Loyalty / Reward Scan Card

The Virtual Loyalty Card feature allows you to scan and store a digital version of your physical Loyalty Card inside your app. This feature is useful for businesses that already have a Point of Sale (POS) system in place. If your business have a POS system in place, you currently give your customers a physical
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What is “Card Design” in the Folder settings?

Without Card Design enabled, the various sections of the Folder reach the full width of the screen.  Card Design gives each section a frame. To enable Card Design in your Folders, access the Folder, then click the Settings tab. Next, click the option that says, “Use card design“.   Without Card Design Enabled   With Card
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Reward / Loyalty Points

With our Reward Points (Loyalty Card) feature you’ll have an option to help with repeat customers by offering your customers a reward for their loyalty. In other words, via your app, you will be able to give your customers a reward after a number of purchases of your product/service. For example, “One free burger after every
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